Who we are

GEReCo aims to be a positive, encouraging and open organisation. We are interested in research and scholarship concerning geography in all phases of education – from early years and primary to higher education. Its work is undertaken by an official membership, the names of which appear below.

The Collective

Simon Catling – Oxford Brooks University

Gemma Collins – University of Birmingham

Matt Finn – University of Exeter

Lauren Hammond – University of Edinburgh

Grace Healy – David Ross Education Trust

Rebecca Kitchen – Geographical Association

David Lambert – UCL Institute of Education

David Mitchell – UCL Institute of Education

John Morgan – University of Auckland

Susan Pike – Trinity College Dublin

Steve Puttick (Chair) – University of Oxford

Emma Rawlings Smith – University of Southampton

Lizzie Rushton – University of Stirling

Nicola Walshe – UCL Institute of Education

Associate members

Mary Biddulph – University of Nottingham

Clare Brooks – University of Cambridge

Graham Butt – Oxford Brookes University

Mary Fargher – UCL Institute of Education

Roger Firth – University of Oxford

Emma Till – University of Winchester

Margaret Roberts – University of Sheffield

Tessa Willy – UCL Institute of Education