Joining GEReCO


GEReCo aims to be a positive, encouraging and open organisation. We are interested in research and scholarship concerning geography in all phases of education – from early years and primary to higher education. Its work is undertaken by an official membership, the names of which appear below.

Membership is by application. Applicants are considered by the Collective as a whole, using the criteria listed below. At any one time the membership of GEReCo will not exceed 15 persons. Membership will be reviewed formally every three years, but applications to join can be considered at any time, vacancies permitting.

Applicants should address the following criteria:

  1. Have you published articles in academic, as well as professional, journals?
  2. Are you actively engaged in scholarly/research activity in geography education?
  3. Are you able to commit to attending three day-time, week-day meetings per year?
  4. Are you willing and able (individually, or in collaboration with others) to lead initiatives, write research/publication proposals, chair seminars and occasionally host meetings in order to further GEReCo’s goals (listed under What we do)?

Applicants should write an evidenced letter of application of no more than 400 words which begins with the words “I am interested in applying to join GEReCo because …”.  You should include an appendix of your published outputs. Email your CV and letter (both as Word documents) to