Annual Seminar GEReCo

Teaching and Learning about the Anthropocene

Watch the recording of the GEReCo / UK IGU-CGE open forum that was held online on 21st June 2022.

This GEReCo open forum engaged with the concept of the Anthropocene and considered ways in which it might be applied in school geography. Noel Castree summarised the scientific origins and evolution of the concept (Revkin, 2016), and then identify key themes and implications for geographers. The presentation raised questions about what is taught in school geography and how.

Cyrus Nayeri and Hina Robinson then responded by considering how engagement with environmental issues can emerge in the school classroom and some practical steps teachers can take, including ways to use art and student voice. The event finished with a Q&A with the three panellists.

Noel Castree is Professor of Society & Environment at the University of Technology Sydney (Australia) and Professor of Geography at Manchester University.

Cyrus Nayeri is Head of Geography at Dulwich College and Course Director (acting) for the Geography PGCE course at King’s College London.

Hina Robinson is a geography teacher and Diversity lead at Southend High School for Girls. She is also a member of the Geographical Association governing body and joint chair of its diversity and inclusion working group.

GEReCo Summer Webinar 2022


Revkin, A. (2016) ‘An Anthropocene journey’, Anthropocene Magazine, Issue 1.

Nayeri, C. (2021) Teaching geography in the Anthropocene, Teaching Geography, 46(2), 50-52.